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May 15, 2023


Boris & Horton is the first dog-friendly cafe and community space in New York! We wanted to make a space where New Yorkers could enjoy their coffee and snacks alongside our four-legged friends. Whether you own a dog or just like being around them, Boris & Horton is the place to be. No wonder they call us the happiest place on earth! 

We are also so proud to be New York’s first Department of Health-approved dog-friendly cafe where we welcome customers to bring their dogs inside. On top of our delicious coffee, beer, wine, and snacks, Boris & Horton also hosts adoption events and fundraisers with the hope that many dogs find their forever homes here. 

You might be familiar with our pack, but just in case, let’s do some introductions! 


Boris is a very unique-looking pit bull terrier mix with shaggy hair and you may have seen him rocking some cool bandanas around our store. He was born in Puerto Rico and was found roaming the beaches of our sunny neighbor to the south. Boris was rescued by DCluckydog in the summer of 2016 and has been a loving member of the family ever since. 



Horton hails from Houston which is his given name. He is a 12-pound mystery breed with a ton of personality and an adorable snaggletooth. He’s also a shameless food beggar and his favorite treat is string cheese.


Coppy Holzman

Coppy is the CEO and co-founder of Boris & Horton. He founded Charitybuzz, the leading online charity auction site, which raised hundreds of millions of dollars in partnership with top celebrities and nonprofits all over the globe. He is considered an expert in upscale cause marketing. Before Charitybuzz, he co-founded Webvan which pioneered online grocery ordering and delivery. He is the President of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and is a member of the RFK Human Rights Leadership Council. Fun fact: Coppy enjoys at least one pot of black coffee each day- before noon. 


Logan Mikhly

Logan is the co-founder of Boris & Horton. Among her many roles, Logan manages the cafe calendar including adoptions, fundraisers, and a rotating roster of community events. Before New York, Logan lived in New Orleans and managed operations for Used Dogs, a no-kill dog rescue. During her time at Used Dogs, Logan doubled the yearly adoption rates and assisted with community surrender intervention programs. Logan also serves on the board of Muddy Paws Rescue and lives in Williamsburg with her husband and rescue animals. 


At Boris & Horton, we love to give the best deals for our amazing customers, this is why we offer two types of memberships, take a look!

1-Coffee Club Membership

For $30, the Boris & Horton Coffee Club Membership gets you 8 specialty small beverages per month at our East Village cafe. You can order any milk including oat, almond, soy, and dairy, and any of our house-made syrups. This is up to a $40 value so it's a great deal! Once you pick up your membership card at the cafe, you can start using it immediately!

2-Supporter Membership

We have the greatest community of dog-loving, coffee-drinking friends and supporters helping us get through this trying time. So, we wanted to create a new Membership program to thank you with great deals and exclusive perks! Once we’re back up and running at full speed, your membership will include invitations to some very special dog-centric events. On top of this, you get $2 pastries and $2 specialty beverages, any size, any add-ons (limit member-only, one drink per visit). You also have access to unlimited drip coffee, and any add-ons (limit member-only, one drink per visit). Lastly, you get a Boris & Horton branded Miir 12oz travel tumbler valued at $28 and a membership tote valued at $20! All of this for only $70 per month at a 3-month minimum! 

Boris & Horton Cafe

Boris & Horton Dog Treats

Subscribe to these delicious Boris & Horton dog treats to save 10%! These dog treats make all of our four-legged customers go wild. They are the treats that we give out at the register and all of the dogs love them! You can choose from our 100% beef liver, freeze-dried raw option, or our 100% wild-caught salmon, freeze-dried option. Its larger ¾” size gives mid-size and big dogs a treat to sink their teeth into. 

Make sure you take advantage of these amazing deals!

About Our Menu

Here is some information about our menu! Warning: It will cause extreme cravings.


We offer a wide variety of beverages. Our specialty drinks include The Boris, The Horton, The Eloise, The Lassie, The Major, The Phoebe, Tahini Weenie Latte, and The Pancake. These are our lattes with house-made infused simple syrups. (Sidenote: They can all be made hot or iced). The Boris is our drip and a double shot aka a ‘black eye’. The Horton is our house-made spicy mocha latte. We highly recommend this if you like Mexican Hot Chocolate! The Eloise is a salty maple latte. The Lassie is a lavender agave latte. The Major is a brown sugar cinnamon latte. The Phoebe is a rose & vanilla latte that we named after Angelic’s dog! The Tahini Weenie Latte is a Tahini latte with your choice of milk. You can also add a piece of Halvah for a crunchy and creamy surprise. The Pancake is a latte with house-made banana cinnamon syrup. We named this after Riley’s new puppy! Fun fact: We make sure to employ professional baristas in the store so that you have the best drinks possible! Other beverages you can choose from include coffee, lattes, hot tea, iced tea, beer, wine, and bottled beverages. 

The Boris Blend Drip is our signature drip coffee. Our Cold Brew is on tap. The Americano is a double shot of espresso over water. Our Latte is a double shot of espresso and your choice of milk. You can also ask for it to be iced. The Espresso is a double shot. The Macchiato is a double shot of espresso with the tiniest bit of steamed milk. The Cortado is a double shot of espresso with equal parts milk of your choice. The Flat White is a double shot of espresso with very light foam. The Cappuccino is a double shot of espresso with lots of foam! The Mocha Latte is our house-made mocha syrup in a latte! The Chai Latte is Dona Chai tea concentrate with your choice of milk. The Matcha Latte is finely ground green tea with your choice of milk. The Hot Cocoa is our house-made mocha syrup with your choice of milk. Our Lemonade is Natalie’s all-natural lemonade sweetened. The Matcha Lemonade is Natalie’s lemonade with some matcha. It is so refreshing! The Bark & Stormy is cold brew, lemonade, and house-made ginger simple syrup. The Boris Blend from Variety is 300g whole beans from Variety Coffee Roasters. Ask your friendly barista to grind it for you! The Coffee Box 2 Go is a large box of coffee perfect for office meetings or stay-at-home brunch! It comes with cups, lids, milk, and sugar packets. The Variety Single Origin Coffee is any single origin from Variety. On top of this, we also offer Watermelon Lemonade and Milk. 

Our hot teas include earl grey, English Breakfast, sencha green, lemongrass ginger, lemongrass ginger, peppermint tea, rooibos, rooibos tea latte (honey, vanilla, steamed milk, and cinnamon, and London Fog (earl grey with vanilla and steamed milk.

Our iced teas include blacked iced tea, peach green iced tea, hibiscus iced tea, and Arnold Palmer (Natalie’s lemonade with your choice of iced tea). They come unsweetened, but we can add simple syrup if you like!

Barista cafe at Boris & Horton


Our pastries include a plain croissant, almond croissant, chocolate croissant, everything croissant (an everything seasoned croissant with scallion cream cheese baked inside!), monkey bread (cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread), Danish, cinnamon bun, dank chocolate chip banana bread (which is vegan!), liege waffle, apple cheddar scone (which is gluten-free!), a blueberry muffin (also vegan!), morning glory muffin (vegan again!), Gracie baked cookie, and Hu(Bear) Financier. Hu(Bear) Financier is a homage to Hubert Colson, whose inspirational life was the spark that ignited the establishment of Colson Patisserie. These playfully shaped teddy bear financiers made with brown butter & almond flour give this Parisian delicacy a crispy shell and a soft interior crumb, halfway between cake and cookie.

In addition to these delicious pastries, we invite you to choose from our assortment of toasts, baguette sandwiches, grilled cheeses, packaged snacks, and side snacks. Some favorites include our avocado toast on multigrain (with salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, lemon juice, and arugula), honey butter tahini toast (with honey, butter, tahini, and salt), warm baguette with cheddar, avocado, arugula, and pickled onions, warm baguette with brie and house-made strawberry compote, gettin’ figgy with it grilled cheese (with gruyere and fig jam), and our Mamma Mia grilled cheese (with mozzarella, pesto, and roasted tomatoes). 

Packaged snacks include North Fork potato chips (choose from BBQ or Sour Cream and Onion), Ronnybrook yogurt, Torres potato chips (choose from extra virgin olive oil or black truffle), Vital Farms hard-boiled eggs, and Nomz energy bites. 

If you are looking for something light and just want a side snack, we have clementines, bananas, the Good Crisp Chips, Mylk Lab's granola, Nuts+ Nuts cashews, and Martin pretzels. 

We always welcome you to bring your pets inside and don’t think we have forgotten about them just yet! Boris & Horton has a special dog menu full of pet-friendly foods filled with a dog bakery, ice cream, and chews. 

Breakfast at Boris & Horton


Did you also know we host exciting events throughout the month?! This ranges from Trivia Nights, Drag Bingo, Comedy Shows, and so much more! Make sure you keep up to date with our calendar on our website so you don’t miss out on the fun! 

There you have it, everything you need to know before you come to Boris & Horton! We hope you and your pup enjoy all we have to offer and join us on this dogtastic journey! 

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