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Beat a Bad Day with Coffee and Puppies

February 27, 2023

Beat a Bad Day with Coffee and Puppies


What are some things that give you an instant mood boost? Maybe it’s cozy pajamas, a canceled work meeting, or watching your favorite TV show. Or perhaps a nice walk outside, a warm bed, or a sweet-smelling candle! 

How about a delicious cup of coffee and a cuddly puppy? These are two immediate solutions to a bad day, and it’s not a mystery why! Science has proven that coffee and dogs can naturally increase dopamine in your body, which is a neurotransmitter released in your brain when you feel pleasure or happiness. 

So, if you’re having a not-so-great day or just need an extra dose of happiness, grab a cup of joe and pet your favorite pup! 


Why does coffee help you feel happy?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t wait to have that first cup of coffee in the morning? 3 in 4 Americans feel the exact same way! It’s not just because you want to feel energized and awake, although it’s no secret why coffee is called your brain juice! Caffeine is a natural stimulant for your body and can quickly be absorbed into your bloodstream, even as soon as that first fantastic sip. Once it’s in your body, the coffee makes its way to your brain, and drowsiness is a thing of the past! 

However, just because you feel awake doesn’t automatically make you feel happy. Research has shown that just the coffee smell can decrease stress levels. You don’t even have to taste it to feel the delightful effects! There are a few other reasons why coffee helps give you that morning glow. 

Unprocessed coffee beans can contain as much as one thousand antioxidants, and even more, can be found during roasting. These antioxidants have many health benefits for your body and mind. For example, coffee can help in reducing depression. 


dog owner with her puppy


How do puppies cure a bad day?

Everyone knows that having a furry friend can provide much joy and happiness. Those big puppy eyes and endless snuggles will make anyone feel instantly better. But did you know that there’s actual science behind this? 

Interaction between dogs and humans can increase oxytocin levels, the hormone in your body that gives you all the warm and fuzzy feelings. Taking a walk, playing fetch, or even just cuddling can give you that instant mood boost that’s just what the doctor ordered. 

Having a four-legged companion has numerous other physical and mental benefits, such as lowering stress, reducing feelings of loneliness and depression, and decreasing blood pressure. 


puppy looking at her owner


Coffee + puppies = the perfect solution! 

Imagine a place where you walk into the sweet, delicious aroma of coffee and energetic puppies running around. Someone greets you with a warm “Hey, how are ya?” You smile. Life is good. 

Welcome to Boris & Horton! We are New York City’s first (Department of Health approved) dog-friendly café and community space. Bring your favorite furry friend, or just come hang out! Not only do we serve top-tier coffee, beer, wine, and snacks, but we also host a ton of adoption events and fundraisers to help puppies find their forever homes. 

We’d love to see you! Grab a warm cup of coffee, pet a friendly pup, and have the best day ever! Stop by anytime between 7 am - 8 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am - 8 pm Saturday and Sunday at 195 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009


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