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10 Reasons to Support your Local Coffee Shop

April 11, 2023

10 Reasons to Support your Local Coffee Shop


Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to catch up with a friend, study for that upcoming exam, or relax after a stressful week, the answer is always to go get coffee!

But, how do you decide which coffee shop to visit?

Maybe you always stop at the same big coffee chain because you pass five of their locations on your way to work. 

However, bigger isn’t always better! From unique products to strengthening your local economy, there are many reasons why you should support local coffee shops like Boris & Horton, New York’s first dog-friendly cafe.

1) Protect Your Pets - Most large coffee shop chains aren’t pet friendly, and in order to enter the cafe you have to leave your dog outside tied to a post or table. With pet theft on the rise, leaving your dog alone makes them susceptible to dog flipping, which occurs when a dog is stolen then resold for a quick profit. 

Boris and Horton is a safe option for pet owners! Our cafe is split into two sections: one area is specially designed for dogs to dine, and the other side is where customers place

and pick up their food and beverages. This allows pet owners and their furry companions to spend more quality time together. 

2) Unique products you can’t find anywhere else - Have you ever taken the first sip of your coffee and knew you have never tasted anything like it before? If you order from a large coffee chain, you will likely find the same menu with the same products in every city. Local coffee shops create interesting menus and serve unique products that you can’t find anywhere else. 

At Boris & Horton, we serve our signature blend from Variety Coffee Roasters, the Boris Blend, and even have our own house made syrups! But don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your furry friends! We have the paw-fect bakery items for your pet including the Pupcake, Paw’reo, PB & J Puptart, and more! 


boris & horton at the cafe


3) Strengthen your local economy - How much do you spend on your coffee fix? When you add it all up, research shows that the average American woman spends about $2,327 on coffee each year. It doesn’t matter if you spend $2 or $2,000 on coffee - you are helping to put money directly back into your community’s economy when you choose to support local coffee shops.

4) Personalized Experience & Great Customer Service - At Boris & Horton, we look forward to getting to know our customers - both our human and four-legged friends! Our baristas pride themselves in fostering a relationship with our customers that goes beyond a cup of coffee. They don’t just remember customer’s names and orders, but go the extra mile to make sure you and your pup have a great experience at our cafe. 

5) Connect with your Neighbors - Local coffee shops are more than just a drive-thru stop on the way to work - they are community spaces that allow you to get to know your neighbors. Research shows that acts of socialization, such as getting coffee, can help increase your happiness levels, improve your cognitive and memory skills, and even help you live longer. Located in the East Village, Boris & Horton is the perfect place for both people and pets to connect!


dog friendly cafe in lower manhattan


6) Create more jobs - From the baristas to the bakers and everything in between, supporting local coffee shops means you are creating more jobs in your community! In fact, small businesses are largely responsible for creating new jobs since the COVID-19 pandemic. By choosing to support your local coffee shops, you are also supporting the livelihoods of the employees serving you.

7) Packed with Personality - Owned by individuals, not corporations, local coffee shops are packed with personality. From aesthetic decor to creative themes, each cafe has its own vibe. As New York’s first Department of Health approved dog-friendly cafe, our pets are at the heart of our business and incorporated into little details all over our shop! We even name our speciality drinks after our team’s beloved pets. 

8) Give Back to Your Community - Small businesses have big hearts, and have been proven to donate 250% more than large businesses to community causes and local nonprofits. NYC shelters are usually overflowing with dogs that have either been given up for adoption or need a new home. As a NYC dog cafe, we frequently host adoption events and fundraisers with the hope that many dogs find their fur-ever homes. 

9) More than just Coffee - Large coffee chains tend to focus on a few products that they can mass produce as quickly as possible. Due to their smaller size and independence, local cafes feature a variety of other menu items and drinks! Did you know that in addition to great coffee, you can order beer, wine, and yummy snacks off the Boris & Horton menu


full breakbast at Boris & Horton


10) Fun Community Events - If you’re looking for something exciting and different to do in your community, check your local coffee shop! At our NYC dog cafe, we partner with other local businesses to host a variety of fun dog-friendly events. Both humans and their furry companions enjoy events at Boris & Horton including pet portraits, comedy shows, dog dating, meet-ups, and more! 

Overall, there are so many great reasons why you should support your local coffee shops. Boris and Horton wouldn’t be where we are today without support from our loyal customers. We want to give them the warmest thanks for always being our biggest supporters!

If you want to help us continue our mission of helping people spend more time with their pups, here are some ways you can show your support:

  • Order a treat for both you and your pup
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to like, comment, and share our posts
  • Sign up for our membership programs to enjoy great deals and exclusive perks
  • Participate in our community events 
  • Shop our merchandise, including mugs, t-shirts, pet accessories, and more
  • Spread the word by telling your friends and family about our dog-friendly cafe

Whether you own a dog or just like being around them, there’s no better way to support us than visiting Boris and Horton! Come enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and yummy treats at the happiest place on Earth

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