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Cold Brew
Cafe Latte
Chai Latte


  • THE BORIS $4

Boris blend hot brew + Double shot of espresso


            Latte + House-made cinnamon spiced mocha syrup


Latte + Maple syrup + Flake sea salt

  • THE LASSY $5

Latte + House-made lavender syrup

Toast $3

kreimhild butter 50¢

+ melissa apiaries honey 50¢
+ strawberry jam 50¢
+ labneh 1.50¢

Roasted tomato and tahini Toast $9

White beans, tahini, slow roasted tomatoes, lemon juice, flake salt, ground black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes. +
+ smashed avocado $5, pickled carrots $1.5, cotija cheese $2, sliced hard boiled egg $3

Balthazar’s multi-grain bâtard bread


Avocado Toast $9

Avocado, lemon juice, flake salt, ground black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes +

slow roasted tomato $1.5, pickled carrots $1.5, cotija cheese $2, sliced hard boiled egg $3

Banana and labneh Toast $8.5

Labneh, banana, almonds, cinnamon and honey, gluten-free banana bread


Mongarda Prosecco, Extra Dry   $11

Subtle floral notes, peachy softness


Borell-Diehl, Muller-Thurgau Trocken $10

Fresh, crisp, limey -- incredibly drinkable. Dry style but unique


Jeannie Marie Chardonnay $9

Buttery, creamy with an oaky finish.


Combel La Serre Malbec $11

Fresh & fruity Malbec with a soft, peppery finish.

Bacchus Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon $9

Bright, easily drinkable with flavors of plum, black currant, cedar.

Schofferhoffer (Grapefruit Hefeweizen)     $7

- Light body, effervescent mouth feel (moderate carbonation) crisp, refreshing and summery! This is quite sweet overall because of the added grapefruit, but not overly sweet.


Rootstock Original Cider   $8

-This is a semi-sweet cider with “soft” carbonation (moderately carbonated). Although this cider tastes fairly dry when you take your first sip, it finishes on the sweeter side, hence being a “semi-sweet” cider.


Kombrewcha Royal Ginger   $8

- Notes of fresh ginger with subtle coriander and lemon aromas. Medium bodied- Sweet brewed tea upfront with a somewhat earthy/spicy finish from the ginger.


River Horse IPA     $7

-Medium body with moderate carbonation. Floral notes (tropical/citrus flavors) from the American & New Zealand hops. Overall, a very drinkable IPA with a modest enough ABV of 5.70%. Not too hoppy and only fairly malty. Almost reminiscent of a Session IPA. Not as bitter as most IPAs!


Owls Brew Short and Stout   $8

-Cinnamon smell at first from the masala chai tea dominates the overall flavor, but is followed by a bit of cocoa and coconut (there’s coconut juice as well as pineapple juice added to this radler so overall it is on the sweeter side!) I always think of gingerbread when I drink this one.


Montauk Summer Ale   $7

- A light caramel malt blend with just the right amount of wheat gives this summer ale a bold yet refreshing finish.

Our Cheese selection –

Brillat savarin $5    

Chevrotin $8

Bourbon Bellavitano $5

Cabot Clothbound $6

Roomano dutch $5

+ Red grapes, Slow roasted tomatoes
Honey, Sea salt crackers, Multigrain flax crackers
Cornichons, and Marcona almonds [$1 to $2.5 / portion]